Amazon in 2016

Internet shopping continues to increase in popularity amongst consumers. Year on year the amount of money we spend via this method shows that internet shopping is certainly our future. In fact, all online facilities whether shopping related or otherwise are continuing to become part of our everyday lives and in reality; represent facilities many of us cannot live without. Whether this be online banking and loans, giving us quick and convenient access to our money or YouTube providing means for learning new skills or simple enjoyment, it is clear many of us use the internet each and every day, often without realising the vast amount of capabilities at our disposal. The evolution of the internet and how it has become integral to our everyday lives means that companies solely based online have been able to thrive and grow at really a rather impressive rate. Although from a consumers point of view, not really considered a ‘company’, take the example of Facebook. Facebook is one of the biggest success stories of all time as far as the internet is concerned. An undoubtedly powerful and limitless resource, Facebook introduced us to the ever-growing world of social media and in doing so created thousands of jobs and income as well. Facebook isn’t the only example of the power of the World Wide Web; fair from it in fact. There are currently many millions of companies ranging from big to small who are growing their business, gaining new custom and suppling jobs thanks to their ability to provide goods and services via an online means. Another fantastic example is Amazon who have continued to storm consumer popularity. Today let’s look at this multi-million pound company in greater detail to understand what consumers are using this resource for and why as such, it’s a brilliant example of online success.

To put the success of Amazon into context in April of this year they confirmed a £351million profit off the back of just one element of their service; Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a streaming service which provides consumers the ability to not only view exclusive programmes and content, as and when we please, but also gives us limited access to Next Day Delivery for Amazon dispatched purchases. As if this wasn’t evidence enough, first quarter sales have been confirmed as a 28% increase compared to the last quarter and therefore means in the first quarter alone, a worth of £20billion. Clearly Amazon is a perfect example of an extremely successful online based company and as such consumers are turning to it day in and day out for a whole host of purchases and some of which we may find surprising.

To date in 2016 the top and most regularly purchased items available via Amazon are quite a mixed bunch. Currently in pole position is Pure Chimp Super Tea, followed by their Amazon Fire TV stick and then Vintage lightbulbs! Clearly as consumers we are increasingly becoming aware of health related products and at the same time wanting to maximise our TV viewing potential; perhaps to avoid going out and spending money elsewhere. Another popular buying choice amongst consumers is that of adult colouring books which according to the most recent Amazon figures shows no sign of slowing down. Oddly enough the sale of Pompoms has more than doubled in the last 12 months, placing them inside the top 20 items brought at Amazon.

It’s clear from the above that as consumers we are prepared to consider Amazon for anything from the sensible to the seemingly bizarre and at the same time show no signs of slowing down our online purchase. It will be interesting to see as the year soldiers on where the trends develop and how much money this one online retailer is set to make. Amazon like so many other online based facilities represent how comfortable consumers as a collective have become with trusting online resources to provide the quality of goods and services we would have in the past relied upon our high street to provide. Whilst online retailers continue to benefit from this consumer confidence it drives an increasing pressure to keep process sensible and competitive which further benefits us as consumers. Price Wars occur in many different elements of our economy and the online market places are no exception. As consumers we not only expect a quick and effective service from the websites we use, coupled with speedy delivery options but also a price which cannot be beaten elsewhere. Given the vast amount of choice the internet holds, effective pricing and excellent customer care will surely pave the way to success for online retailers in the future.

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