How EE are increasing employment opportunities in the UK

As many of us will agree it can be incredibly frustrating when our need to speak to a service provider via telephone is met with an overseas based call centre representative. This can make communicating a potential issue or concern an increasingly difficult task and often results in the requirement to speak to a number of different representatives during the course of the call. Mobile phone provides are often cited as one of the worst for this, with consumer groups continually highlighting specific frustrations when it comes to dealing with overseas call centre representatives. Although many of our service providers, whether it be a bank, energy provider and communications supplier for example, are working hard to move these call centre roles back to the UK, the cost of employment over overseas continues to make this a difficult task. Some providers operate a service whereby certain times in the day will see the call centre requirements being handled by UK based call centres and then during periods which are costlier to the provider in question, the service is re-directed to the oversea out-sources available. Although these oversea call centres are available to provide the functionality needed to deal with UK based customer enquiries, as mentioned, customer satisfaction for such calls is considerably lower than that of the UK managed and run call centres.

One company who is working hard to break this trend and in doing so aiming to provide a higher quality of customer service is EE. EE is a communications supplier and subsidiary of BT, providing services including mobile phone contracts and internet access. Formally known as Everything Everywhere, EE is rapidly gaining a growing customer base thanks to its popular service known for excellent customer service. Currently EE provides one of the strongest mobile network coverages thanks to its commitment to delivering an industry leading standard and its previous merger of the Orange UK and T-Mobile networks. Over the last 4 years EE has undergone some pretty aggressive re-branding of the previously named Everything Everywhere (still their legal name), Orange UK and T-Mobile providers and in doing so produced a well-known and recognised brand. Supported by clever and customer engaging marketing campaigns, EE have secured a position within the communications market which is not only popular but also well known.

So how are EE any different from the rest when it comes to their call centres? In simple terms EE are continually demonstrating their desire to not only improve customer relations but also provide jobs to those who require them here in the UK. In fact, correct as of today, EE have relocated all of its customer call centres back to the UK from oversea facilitators and in doing so will have created an additional 1000 jobs in the process. This not only means that now all of its contract based customers will have their customer service enquires answered by UK based call centres but by the end of the year 2016 this will have been extended to their pay as you go and broadband customers also. This is no doubt contributing to EE’s continual improvement in terms of customer satisfaction. With reductions in complaints having fallen for the last three consecutive quarters and as such, only 6 customers in every 100,000 complaining the most recent figures have shown.

Its move of its call centres back to home ground will no doubt see the customer service experience provided by EE increase further still and in doing so reduce the complaints being received. This combined with the fact that EE will be providing economical support thanks to the 1000 plus extra jobs this move will create, will undoubtedly strengthen its growing position within the communications market. It will be interesting to see what overall effect this move has on the multibillion pound industry as a whole, with customer complaints remaining an industry wide issue, in part, due to the use of overseas based call centres. EE are making this move in order to not only improve the overall customer experience it provides but also to set a standard for other network providers to follow. Vodafone for example, who continue to use mostly oversea based call centre representatives, have the highest number of complaints across the number and this remains true currently each and every quarter. For consumers in the UK this will no doubt lead to some interesting decisions to be made when it comes to the time to renew existing contracts with alternative providers and whether in fact, this means a move to EE is the best choice available. 

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