How much are women really spending each month on their beauty regimes

As recent survey conducted by the Daily Mail concludes that when it comes to their beauty regime, women are not afraid to keep spending. Our modern day society demands that women age slower, remain slimmer and look like all of the ‘celebrities’ that are spread across advertising and social media alike. As such women are feeling increase pressure to reach these high standards and in doing so are prepared to spend a considerable amount of money to achieve them. In actual fact it is estimated that the average women will spend an eye-watering £100,000.00 in their lifetime on beauty products and treatments alone. So in reality that equates to around £2,000.00 each and every year. So why is it that women are prepared to spend these sums and are happy to continue to do so each and every month and furthermore, what are the costs and could in reality, savings be made.

First and foremost, I believe it would be fair to say that the majority of men are completely unaware of the true amount the women in their lives are spending on a regular basis towards their beauty wants and needs. At the same time, I think it would also be true to say that most women are not being entirely honest with the true costs they are amounting! Whilst there is likely to always be a divide in what men think women spend and what women actually spend, the costs do not seem to be slowing down. Through the research conducted by the Daily Mail it seems that in the vast majority of cases men were assuming sums which were in reality as much as double and more. So why it is then that women will spend so much to achieve the feeling of beautiful? In simple terms this is easy to answer, increasing marketing presence in our lives means that consumers in a general sense, male or female, young or old are being constantly drip-fed specific images. This could be the perfect car, the perfect home or of course, the perfect look also. Clever and ever-present marketing combined with increasing resources to fund expenditure means that all consumers are more likely to treat themselves than has ever been the case before. In very simple terms we live in a world where we want what everyone else seemingly has.

The good news for the male readers amongst us it that the women beauty shoppers are a smart bunch and generally speaking want to dig out a deal for their beauty regime, not only for the purchase to feel like a real treat but also another ‘job’ well done! Given the increasing availability of beauty brands there is now fierce market competition which means brand loyalty is difficult to earn and even more difficult to maintain. As well as the upper market brands which can see lotions cost in excess of £100.00, focused marketing means that much cheaper brands are being favoured thanks to the backing of popular and well-known faces. The mass availability of products means that competition is ever present also, whether shopping in store or online. Many beauty counters located in Department stores will offer deals and discounts for loyalty and even money off vouchers for future purchases. In addition to this the store themselves will use a range of offers to ensure you make your purchase with them. Take for example Boots and Superdrug who both offer loyalty point schemes to earn money offer as well as specific offers based on past purchases. In addition to this there is lots of mileage in visiting both shops both making a purchase as often ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘3 for the price of 2’ is on offer.

Conducting beauty regime shopping online also presents lots of opportunity for saving money, either at the time of purchase or on later purchases too. Take for example Feel Unique the home of a host of different product brands and products. In this instance there is an automatic 10% discount available for life for each returning customers favourite brand. In addition to this many of the beauty sites available also exist via the means of voucher sites and promotional sites. This means there are frequent offers available to either reduce the total cost of a purchase or make a specific purchase at a much reduced rate. So whilst the males amongst us may shiver at the thought of how much their female counterparts may be spending; the reality is they are likely doing so in a calculated and discount driven way.  

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