How to get the best deal for your mobile phone needs

It would be fair to say that we all have the technology bug when it comes to our Smart phone needs. Long gone are the days when using a mobile to make calls is top of our list of requirements from this handheld device. Nowadays as consumers we want a whole lot more from our mobiles and year on year our needs are met by the market leaders of Smart Phones. Whereas in the past consumers wanted the ability to call and text and therefore maintain fundamental contact with their loved ones, nowadays in a technology driven world the internet and its wealth of resources are want we crave the most. Whereas that’s the latest in social networking capabilities, banking applications, games or any one of the other millions of Smart phone applications which exist, we no longer use our mobile for the core function for which they were first invented. With all of this in mind it is not surprising then that each and other year consumers up and down the country eagerly await the release of the latest iPhone or Samsung and then will perhaps even queue through the night to get it complete with the latest batch of shiny new features. So whilst it is true the vast majority of us could not live without our Smart phone, this in turn begs the question of what exactly these increasingly expensive devices are costing us each and every year.

When mobile phones were first introduced they were on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis. This meant you topped up the credit of the device and when it was gone, you repeated the process. The handsets were not expensive, given their main function was that of communication via calls and texts and perhaps the occasional game of snake! This meant you could control the spending and for many of, there were no large costs involved with running a mobile phone. Nowadays however the picture could not be any more different to this. Consumers wanting to get their hands on the latest and greatest Smart Phone will be willing to spend out £700.00 in one hit or agree to a costly monthly contract. For many Smart phone users, the common service preferred is no longer ‘Pay As You Go’ and instead a monthly contract, giving access to both a new device but also a service package for use.

All the above therefore begs the bigger question of how much are we currently spending on our Smart phone costs and are there in fact savings which could be made? The good news is probably, for most of us; yes. Some of us could certainly benefit from savings some money when it comes to our Smart phone costs as doing so will enable greater spare income for other areas of our normal budget. First up it’s the point we have already discussed at length here today and that’s our choice of handset. It has probably not escaped your attention that we live in a world driven by clever marketing as far as our goods and services are concerned and Smart phone providers are no exception. Just as we begin to lose interest in our current model and start to wonder why we spent so much, a newer model is launched with new features and suddenly we are on the hunt for how we can get our hands of this amazing invention. The question then is this, do you need the new model and all the ‘new’ features it offers? Let me answer that for you, for most of us, the answer is absolutely not! Smart phones have advanced so much in the last few years that the features offered as new with today’s models are actually an extension of existing technology in most cases. So why not consider exactly what it is you are getting for your money when agreeing to a new model and therefore new and often higher monthly repayment amount. If you do not need the latest model; do not get it quite simply.

As well as not being lured into a new model which may cost you as much as another £200.00 each year, there are other options to consider when it comes to the package you have. There are numerous comparison sites as well as different providers of Smart phones and they all want your business. This means there is lots of choice and therefore deals at our disposal. Many consumers stay with the same network provider because they want to keep their number and actually the reality is many of the leading UK providers, will allow you to keep your number and there’s even a specific manner for doing so.


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