How to save some extra pounds before you jet off on holiday

For many of us the cost of our yearly family holiday is one which requires adequate planning in advance as well as commitment when it comes to covering the overall costs. Given that for most consumers a holiday will only take place once a year it is important to ensure value for money is maximised and therefore every penny spent is put to good use. Whereas many of us will focus our efforts on ensuring the physical cost of the holiday is right and good value for money, in reality there are of course a range of other costs which need to be accounted for after the holiday itself is actually booked. So the real question to be considered is whether we are truly ensuring value for money is felt across all aspects of our holiday, before the plane leaves the tarmac. Today we will be looking at tips for saving money when it comes to the costs associated to our holiday and how perhaps, we can ensure we are getting the best possible deal for the extras that go along with the cost of a holiday. 

First and foremost it is important to consider the amount of money you wish to take on your trip and as such need to convert in advance. For anyone considering doing this at the airport before the flight, you will find you get on average 10 percent less than other foreign exchange providers. This means converting your money at the airport could mean you lose out on £100.00 in the instance of converting £1000.00; a sizable amount of money for any family pocket. Nowadays the best exchange rates can be found online with online traders offering highly competitive rates to consumers. Take for example MyTravelMoney and TravelMoneyMax, who are both comparison sites who can assist you in finding the best possible deal for your money. There are a number of direct sites offering this facility, such as Travel FX and Travel Premier who rather than being store front based offer their facility online which normally means payment is made via a bank transfer and then the currency is sent to you in the post in a safe and secure manner. Outside of changing up your holiday spending money in advance of your trip there are also offers and deals available via your existing bank providers or companies such as WeSwap. WeSwap is a pre-paid Mastercard facility which allows consumers to top up the card before you depart with foreign currency or whilst you are actually aboard and looks in the same manner as a credit card facility.

Another costly element of our yearly holidays can be that of baggage costs should you find yourself in a position where the limit allowed is exceeded. Year after year consumers pay fees in the region of £45.00 to £80.00 for exceeding the luggage allowance set out by their airline provider. Generally speaking there is very little room for movement and as such, if your luggage weighs more than the airline allows; you will be paying a fee. Aside from the obvious which is to plan sensibly and test the weight and size of your luggage before arriving at the airport, there is another resource to be considered. This resource is that of Luggage Couriers and not only could they save you the cost of unexpected fees but in addition offers the convenience of delivering your luggage directly to the hotel. There is of course a fee for using such a service but actually the starting prices are very reasonable. Typically European destination start at £30.00 and are likely to extend to £60.00 for further afield travelling but again compared to the fees of some airlines; there is still a saving to be made. An example of one such courier provider is SendMyBag.

Another major consideration when it comes to our holiday is the travel to and from the airport. Depending on your home location compared to the airport from which you are travelling, there will need to adequate and considered planning. Although many of us are happy to part at the airport and pay the fees applicable, there are other alternatives to consider. In fact around most of the UK’s major airports there are parking facilities which may be able to save you money overall. Consumers could benefit from reduced costs by simply parking further out in specific airport parking facility providers and then taking advance of the taxi service they often offer. Equally money and time can be saved by booking in advance of parking directly at the airport itself, thanks to offers and deals always being made available for doing so. 

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