Why you should always try to bag a bargain

The January Sales are upon us and this signals one of the best times in the year to save money on our purchases. Whereas arguably there are sales and reductions in prices which can be found throughout the year, January is usually the best time of them all. Retailers are keen to clear ‘old’ stock and make way for new lines and thus up to 80% off the original purchase price can be gained through some online retailers and high street stores. Although the January sales can be tricky to navigate and somewhat painful if not tackled correctly, making the most of this sales period will only ever result in money being returned to your pocket. Not only does January signal an opportunity to pick up a bargain, there is an increasing trend of saving money on the high street by other means. In this instance, we mean the age-old art of haggling. Although many of us here in the UK may believe that haggling is reserved for the local car boot, the purchase of a new car or even house, in reality there are many opportunities to gain additional discount at the local high street be simply asking for it. A recent article in the Daily Mail detailed how one reporters request to gain extra value for her purchases when shopping on the high street resulted in unexpected success. It is with this in mind that although out of many of our comfort zones, combining sales events with haggling, could very well be the best way to secure the ultimate discount this year. Today let’s look at these two specific elements in better and greater detail.

First and foremost, let’s look at tips for making the most of the January sales events which take place up and down the country each and every year. Unlike other sales events, with the only exception being Black Friday, the January sales often offer the best opportunity to secure a true bargain. As touched upon above retailers are keen to be rid of ‘old’ stock and will make round for new lines via juicy discounts for customers. Whether this is online or the high street, retailers want your attention and will seek to obtain it through sizable money offer deals. With this in our minds it is therefore important to arrive at such events in a prepared and almost uniformed fashion. This means being early, whether online or in-store, being the ‘first in line’ is a sure-fry way to ensure you can gain the best of the bunch when it comes to the sale bargains. In addition, preparation is absolutely key. This means knowing what it is you wish to purchase and not browsing the options ‘blind’. If shopping online, it would useful to shop in advance which means placing items in your basket and returning to them upon arrival of the sales start. If shopping at the high street, have a list ready of the things you want and need to purchase. January Sales can often be a time to stock up on Christmas supplies for the following year, winter wear and either gifts for the coming year.

Then onto the tricky subject of haggling. To many of us the art of haggling does not come easy, especially when it comes to venturing out onto the local high street. As mentioned earlier on a recent article in Daily Mail detailed at length just how far haggling can get you. Whether its Debenhams, Boots or John Lewis, you may be surprised at the extra discount which can be obtained simply be asking for it. Even Tesco’s has been listed as a retailer where haggling resulted in discount off a purchase. The key to haggling effectively is made up of a number of key elements. Whilst it is important to be confident and not afraid of being turned down, it is equally important to be friendly. Being rude and demanding will not get you anywhere as far as haggling is concerned. Like with making the most of sales events, arriving early is important here. This is because it will enable the ability to speak to the correct person to achieve discount, whether this be the store or brand manager for example. The later it is left in the day, the more likely daily sales targets will have already been met and therefore haggling will not be as effective. Do not be afraid to advise of lower prices found elsewhere, whether that be online or at another store. Also, do not feel defeated if your request is rebuffed; some stores simply will not tolerate haggling but remember sometimes returning to the same store, later in the day, may result in a deal being struck. 

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Author: Internal Customer Services Agent